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In Stronghold, we have a set of standards and guidelines on how to construct safe foam swords and other gear. If you contact us, we can send you links to vendors who can build the gear compatible with our game OR you can contact Stronghold's foam smith.


Sir Qwon, our foam smith, has been building a store of items and offers them to Stronghold at a lower price. Sir Estivan's Stronghold club armory is 90% built by Qwon's craftsmanship. He has some customization available such as length and cover.



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We also have water bottles, sweatshirts, and stickers!

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Other Gear

Shirts! Enjoy our classic design on a variety of shirt styles.

Waterbottles! Choose between classic and Platypus Warrior designs.


Platypus Warrior:


Stickers! Choose different designs, shapes, & sizes.


Platypus Warrior:

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