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Stephen Ippolito, "Sir Estivan"

Stephen created the club/game Stronghold in the year 2009. God called him to use the club as an afterschool ministry that teaches youth about the game of foam sword fighting and challenges them to serve the one true King: Jesus Christ. Stephen became a full-time missionary in the summer of 2018 and serves with a global organization called Push the Rock where he hopes to spread the joy and gifts of the Stronghold programs to Pennsylvania and beyond. He is a member of Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Janeen Ippolito, "Lady Kestrel"

Janeen is honored to be Stephen's wife, as well as an experienced teacher, writer, and marketing strategist. Having met her husband "on the battlefield" at a college sword-fighting group, she enthusiastically supports his endeavors and is blessed to be part of Stronghold's ministry. She enjoys using a variety of weapons as long as she can dual-wield. Janeen is also a member at Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


Joshua Kennedy, "Sir Qwon"

Josh “Sir Qwon” has been studying classical fencing for over 13 years. He also has been studying sword and shield, great sword, and spear combat for over 10 years. He has a background in Kung-Fu and is part of the most successful Dagorhir team in Pennsylvania. Joshua is excited to pass on the knowledge of fighting and Christ that he has learned over the years to the next generation of fighters and the sport of Stronghold. He currently attends Christ Presbyterian Church in Western PA.

Allison Ohl, "Lady Marrell"

Allison has enjoyed building relationships with the kids of Stronghold since 2014. She is excited to be part of a ministry that combines two of her passions - sword fighting and helping others know Jesus more. You can find her on and off the field, from doing photography and web design to writing devotions and teaching kids sword fighting skills. She currently attends Carlisle Evangelical Free Church in PA.

Naomi Kohler, "Lady Elanor"

Naomi has enjoyed Stronghold at overnight camps ever since they began and is thrilled to share the activity she loves with others. She seeks to tell others of the reason for the hope within her. Off the field, she still enjoys being outside - walking through the woods, getting muddy in streams, and playing soccer. She is a member of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC.


A special thank you to all the volunteers who faithfully serve at events, camps, clubs, and more. We could not do this without you! 


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