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Stronghold Foam Sword Fighting Ministries offers a variety of programming, from weekly clubs to camps to parties! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you might have.

Social Distancing


Social Distancing Ministries encompasses all virtual content the Stronghold Team has developed in order to continue discipling youth during times when it would be unwise to gather in-person. This includes:

Virtual Archery Camp

Experience the friendship, fellowship, and discipleship of camp - and get a bow and two arrows!

Virtual Imagination Adventure

A FREE role-playing game taking place through real-time texting, picture-taking, and video. 

Personalized Fighting Critique & At-Home Drills

Send in video footage of you sparring someone and get a customized critique from our skilled instructors. Or practice some drills to improve your game.

Crafts & Cooking

Feeling creative? Try out a medieval or fantasy-world-inspired recipe or craft.

Bible Study

Join us during our apologetics course! Or find out when we'll be playing a game and doing a devotional.


Weekly afterschool clubs are the backbone of the Stronghold game. It is there that skills are developed, friendships are deepened, and kids are discipled for Christ. There are also special opportunities to participate in the squire program, where a fighter of Knight status mentors a youth in sword fighting skills and living a life that honors and serves Christ. Squires must complete a series of challenges to become a knight.


Clubs meet once a week, every week, for the duration of the school year. Find more information about active clubs on our "What's Happening" or "Calendar" pages, and contact us to join one or start one near you!


Events supplement the afterschool clubs, and consist of day battles where larger groups of youth can come together to battle against other clubs/more kids. These events spur on the excitement of the game, giving youth the opportunity to put their skills to the test, complete epic quests, and meet new friends. As at clubs, Christ is honored through devotionals and attention to character.


Check out our calendar of events, "What's Happening" page, or our Facebook page to find the next event happening near you! Can’t wait that long? Contact us to arrange for an epic event.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are the pinnacle of the Stronghold game. Youth join together with other kids from all over the country to experience a week of sword fighting, weapon building, faith-strengthening, singing, friendship, epic adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime. Overnight camp is in its fifth year running, and we’re excited about this opportunity to grow as more and more kids are coming! Due to Covid 19, our 2021 Summer camps are still under discussion. Visit our "What's Happening" page for more information.

We are looking to run some day camps as well this year. Please contact us if your church is interested in hosting one!

Birthday Party.jpg

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a fun way to share what you love with those you care about the most - and there’s no better way to introduce Stronghold to your friends! Stephen will do basic training, fighting, games, and a devotional with the kids.


Contact us to set up an epic birthday adventure they will never forget!


Safe, In-Person, Distanced Archery Club!


Apologetics for Teens!

Discipling youth in the adventure to serve Christ. 

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