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Stronghold Overnight Camp

Check out the Stronghold at Machen Overnight Camp 2019 slideshow!

Why Camp?

Stronghold overnight camp is unlike any other experience.


You are immersed in a community of fellow warriors, striving as one to honor Christ as you dive deeper into the study of His Word, work with your team to complete challenges on an Imagination Adventure, and hone your skills on the battlefield through the guidance and instruction of excellent teachers. 

Stronghold overnight camp also offers all the parts of a traditional camp experience like singing, campfires, and devotions to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

2022 Camp

Stronghold at Machen Retreat and Conference Center

August 1-6

Machen Retreat and Conference Center, McDowell, VA

Cost: $280 ($30 sibling discount)

Spend a week deepening your walk with the Lord, building friendships, training as a warrior, embarking on epic quests, and more!


More Stronghold Summer Camps

We're looking to host more day camps! Contact us about hosting one near you.


Stronghold Gear!

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