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Virtual Archery Camp

Covid 19 stinks.

We get it.

We'd rather be discipling youth in person than virtually. But we are committed to that mission. 

We don't want your kids to miss out on fellowship, discipleship, learning, and adventure.

Enter Virtual Camp.

Stronghold Virtual Archery Camp 2021

We want to serve you, 


Stronghold Archery Tag

We are planning to run a virtual archery camp again this year for those who cannot join us in person OR in case the government of VA does not lift restrictions in time for a safe, socially distanced camp.


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What Is Virtual Camp Like?

We start the morning with Archery lessons.

Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp outdoor shot 1
Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp outdoor shot 2
Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp Indoors

Basic archery practice with safety goggles!

Targets are mailed along with a bow, two arrows, and safety goggles to each camper.

Sometimes we have to shoot indoors.

Stronghold Campers Virtual Archery Camp

We have fun!

Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp target practice

Sometimes you get to be the target.

Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp shooting while moving
Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp shooting from behind cover

We practice moving while shooting.

And shooting from behind cover!

Stronghold Camper Virtual Archery Camp noching with towel on head

In 2020, we practiced nocking arrows without looking... with towels to help!

Mount Ararat where God made a covenant with Noah

Mount Ararat, where God made a covenant with Noah.

Pastor Lacy helps us know God more through Bible Study. In 2020, we learned how mountains are used in God's redemptive story.

Stronghold Virtual Camp world map

Map of part of the Imagination Adventure world.

Campers engage in heroic acts and use teamwork (and their archery skills!) during afternoon Imagination Adventures.

General Stronghold Virtual Camp Gnome Games
Stronghold Gnome Bowler hats
Hiding Gnome tea
Hiding Gnome electronics
Hiding Gnome washer

The parents of campers played an important role in our 2020 camp. They were the gnome hoard!


Many campers were "poisoned" by gnome bowler hats, more found the "antidote", and all found tiny hand-crafted gnomes hiding in their homes as part of the fun. 

Stronghold Gnomes in castle

Campers shared lunch over video chat, and participated in optional evening activities like a costumed campfire with s' mores!

Mic at Stronghold Campfire
Dr. Crow at Stronghold Campfire
Stronghold Campfire music
Steampunk butterfly at Stronghold Campfire

Stronghold Virtual Archery Camp 2020

In lieu of skits, campers and staff enjoyed putting together this re-enactment of the song, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the Disney movie Mulan. The song is a camp favorite. Everyone did an amazing job!


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